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İnegöl has been the rising star in the Marmara Region with its social, cultural and economic structure and different plans/projects, in addition to its hotsprings, meatball, furniture and Organized Indusrial Region.
The business courage and entrepreneurship of our city has renewed itself and it always succeeded to interlock around prospective projects.
One of these projects is İnegöl City Museum. İnegöl City Museum concept which was put into words before 2005, caught mayor Alinur Aktaş’s attention by the support of İnegöl residents and as the other projects he focused on this, too. He adopted the idea of establishing a City Museum to be one of the namable projects to be found and started to work toward it.
The workings of the founding of The City Museum which had been initiated by The Mayor Alinur Aktaş, gained speed with the formation of the coordination committee of 5 volunteers. Nedim Bayram, a businessman, Municipality Council Member and Cultural Committee Chair, appointed as the chair to this Committee. Among other members of the committee are İsmail Hakkı Özak, a Gemologist and a Collector, Serdar Rubacı, a Collector , Ali Osman Olgun and Ertuğrulgazi Bayram İnaltekin a teacher and a judge for the federation of Türkish Folk Dances.
In addition, many volunteers such as Selma Peşteli and Metin Ecertaş, contributed to this work by creating a road map for the İnegöl City Museum Project and sharing responsibilities according to interests.
A research was conducted about whereabouts of meterials, objects, documents, photoes and living goods which were spreaded through out 5 provinces and 91 villages of İnegöl.
The Coordination Committee conducted interviews with prominent families and civil leaders of İnegöl. In addition, a great effort was put into the research of those families who left İnegöl long time ago and those families were visited in the cities they lived for the sake of finding infomation and meterials.
From time to time, Mayor Alinur Aktaş joined these interviews to stress the importance of the Project and convinced especially those families whose contributions were highly important for the Project.
After a while, the view for he concept of the museum was broadened and public support was provided for the project.
Moreover, to keep The City Museum idea popular, meetings and exhibitions were held regularly at all possible associations, foundations, chambers, institutions and organizations.An effective promotion and publicity were concluded through TV appearences and newspapers. As a result of these hard work meterials, were collected as donations.
While working on these, The Coordination Committee also worked on the museum building which was necessary to exhibit those collected meterials. The old municipality building which was believed to be 150 years old was restorated according to its orginal and renovated as 1054 m² from the bottom to the top. Meterials collection from the city and other cities continued while City Museum restoration was in progress.As a result of this work, only to visit villages within the teritory of İnegöl more than 6000 km was travelled and approximately 3000-3500 face to face interviews were conducted.
Consequently, more than 6000 living goods, objects, meterials and around 15000 documents and photos were added to the museum archive.
 The work of The City Museum, which is, in fact, undiscribable within a few words, accomplished by the end of 2008. The restoration work was also complated and according to the exhibition floor plans each meterial would be palced.
The number of visitors of The City Museum was over  560.000 by the end of year 2015. The interests of our domestic and foreign visitors provided the inspiretion for the idea of publishing the meterials which were both undisplay and in storage. Thereby, we started publishing a magazine with the title “ÇINARALTI” in 2010.
We are proud of making this Project real by putting the rings of the substantial chain together which were spreaded in different places.
We hope that this Project that we worked steadfasty for the next generations, and inaugurating by then the Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay on the Jenuary  10 ᵀᴴ, 2009 to be an example for the cities in Turkey which are in foundation phase or about to found a city museum.
 As contractors and volunteer gemologists, if there is any help we could provide toward a similar Project, regardless where it is, we would be more than happy to do that  without any hasitation.
Mayor Alinur Aktaş who trusted in us and provided all kind of support and believed that this Project would be concluded, even at times it seemed to be difficult to accomplish.
Mehmet Parlar, an arcitect, who paid attention to the City Museum’s Restoration at every stage from the begining to the end and gave us positive energy.
Prof.Dr. Yusuf Oğuzoğlu and Prof.Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu, faculty members of Uludağ Universty, as our advisors.
Prof.Dr. Berna Alpagut, a faculty member of Ankara Universty 
Ahmet Dömez, The Coordinator of Bursa City Meseum
Raif Kaplanoğlu, a researcher and author
Esat Uluumay a Folk researcher
Dilek Yıldız Karakaş and Sibel Gök, Art Historians
Sinan Çulluk,who is from Inegöl and an Ottoman Archive expert  assisted us with backgrounds of Inegöl.  
Then the members of The General Provincial Council and İnegöl Municipality Council.
Hikmet Şahin, The late Mayor of Bursa who provided all kind of asistance and guidance through the Bursa City Museum’s advisors during the 2004-2009 period .
Sedat Kızılcıklı,then the deputy of Bursa at the Turkish Grand National Assembly who provided us with  great support not only in İnegöl but also in Bursa and Ankara at every stage of founding work of the City Museum 
In addition, thanks to all of the people, institutions and foundations, whose names couldn’t be count.

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